xo Stefania

Canada & International Based Companion

Meet Stefania.

I am in my late-20s, 5’5″ and my body measurements are 32C – 22 – 34. The rest you can see through my pictures. My home base is in Toronto, although you can sometimes find me on the road touring across different cities in the world.

As a person, I am extremely ambitious and goal-oriented. Making goals and smashing them is what brings purpose to my life. I am very driven and derive great joy out of success and moving forward in life. Right now, my biggest aspiration is to finish my schooling and get my PhD.

When I am not busy spending time with you, you can usually find me at home huddled up with my kitty. I have a gorgeous cat I love more than life itself and will likely not stop talking about (I’m not kidding, I’m seriously obsessed). If you are a pet-lover like me, never hesitate to let me know! I will demand a picture!

I started working as a professional companion almost five years ago and have been on quite the journey. When I was new, I believed my only job was to be the Token Fantasy Girl who dressed to the nines in fancy clothes and wore uncomfortable shoes. It did not take me to long to realize I am not good at pretending to be someone I am not.

Full transparency: I am a terrible actress. These early experiences taught me not everyone is worth meeting and not every dollar worth having. Being selective is a good thing! These days, I take an extreme amount of pride being a person you will never have to wonder, “Is she being genuine or faking it?”

Rather than a heavy volume of shallow relationships, I specialize in quality companionship. I focus on cultivating ongoing relationships with my friends, and nearly all my suitors agree the most rewarding times are often when our clothes are on!

Due to my strict selection, I should warn ahead of time: I have a high rejection threshold and comfortably turn down over 95% of client enquiries I receive. My Guide to Booking an Escort and Escort Session Etiquette will tell you everything you need to know about being a good suitor. If I choose to meet you, you should feel pretty special! This means I saw something especially attractive in you.

For our actual time together, I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve! Whether it’s an escape away from your demanding daily life or a multi-day getaway, we can make it happen. It can be as simple as getting to know each other over a glass of fine wine (I’m a red girl!) or we could venture out and explore one of the many dining options my great city has to offer. I am very laid back and prefer a casual atmosphere – while I do enjoy dressing up if the occasion calls for it, I am most comfortable wearing casual clothes. Comfortable leggings and a cute top are all I need!

Before we go any further, I invite you to spend a bit of time exploring the rest of my website. I have a wide breadth of content available and my guides alone are worth reading if you are ever-so-curious about the intricacies involved in my industry. I also invite you to join my OnlyFans, where I post even more exclusive content. And, after you are done, how about taking it a step further and making an actual date out of it? I hope to meet you soon!

xo Stefania