Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new client, please fill out the booking form on my Contact Page and follow the listed instructions. Make sure to first read my Newbie’s Guide to Booking an Escort to fully understand the booking process. If you would like to book virtual services, refer to my Virtual Services page for instructions (or you can join my OnlyFans!).

It has been my unfortunate experience that a public number and/or email leads to a high volume of non-serious or incomplete enquiries, timewasters, or people trying to evade my screening requirements.

Everything you need to know about me prior to booking can be done by perusing my website and social media accounts. I have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on the content on this website for your convenience. If after all that you feel you still want to speak to me, you are welcome to purchase a Virtual Consultation or Texting Service

Otherwise, I ask you to only contact me through my Booking Form when you are ready to commit to a booking. My form has been carefully curated to ask for everything needed to finalize a booking in the most efficient manner possible. Your submission is encrypted and gets delivered to my encrypted ProtonMail address with Two-Factor Authentication. It is not stored on any website server.

You are welcome to purchase a 30-minute Virtual Consultation if you’d like some interaction before committing to a booking. This is a good choice for clients who’d like a few questions answered or to feel out for chemistry before going through the booking process. If you decide to book a date within 24 hours of your consultation, the fee will be credited to your booking amount. Otherwise, you are required to screen prior to discussing anything booking-related. If you are not screened, how can I tell if you are a legitimate client and not a blacklisted client, a cop and/or someone nefarious trying to learn more about me?

Most of my dates are planned weeks in advance, moving around commitments and incurring expenses along the way. Last-minute cancellations heavily impact my bottom line and my cancellation policy reflects that.

All my deposits are transferable-only to future dates when enough notice is given. Dates cancelled under 2 days notice forfeit the deposit and must pay a new one to rebook. Dates cancelled under 48 hours notice are subject to a 50% date fee cancellation penalty, and dates cancelled under 24 hours notice are subject to the full date fee penalty. 

Exceptions to my cancellation policy made at my discretion. If you feel you had extenuating circumstances for cancelling, please let me know and I am happy to work together.

To rebook a date without losing your deposit, please give me more than 2 days notice (10 days if a travel booking) or you will be forfeiting your full deposit and billed for the difference in your cancellation penalty. Deposits are only refundable if I need to cancel the date for reasons of my own doing. If this happens, you will have the choice of your deposit refunded or the date rebooked.

When you fill out my Booking Form, you are agreeing to finalize the booking you are requesting. You are accepting that you have done all your research prior to contacting me and understand all my business policies and agree to abide by them.

If I accept your request, there is a mandatory 25-50% deposit (varies on date length and my discretion) you must pay. If you change your mind after I have gone through the process of screening you, your booking is considered a cancellation and you are still on-hook for the deposit. 

This policy exists to protect my business against non-serious enquiries and clients who do not do their research. When you fail to do the appropriate research on a companion and waste their time because of it, the burden is on you to fairly compensate them for their time. Failure to pay when requested will result in your information being added to industry blacklists so my colleagues have a chance to know the kind of person they’re dealing with if you try to book them in the future. Learn to respect our time and business or accept that there are consequences for you. Soon enough, you’ll earn yourself a reputation of being a bad client and will have a hard time booking future companions.

I deal with a huge volume of time-wasters and clients who are not serious about seeing me. A deposit shows me you are serious about booking and distinguishes a real client from a time-waster. Once you make a booking request, you are on the hook for the deposit if I accept your request.

Your deposit is transferable-only to rebooked dates when given more than 2 days notice. Please respect my business and time and do not book appointments you are not ready to commit to.

For Canadian clients, my collection method of choice is Interac eTransfer.

My American friends have the added choice of CashApp. Bitcoin or other forms of Cryptocurrency, which can be purchased through Coinbase or physical Bitcoin ATMs, are also accepted.

PayPal is available on a case-by-case basis to fully vetted clients. Select gift cards can be purchased with cash in retail stores and the redemption code forwarded to me. Gift cards have a 20% surcharge on them as they are inconvenient to me (I can not pay my bills with gift cards).

As long as we have met within the last 12 months, I am more than willing to give a reference. I am happy to do my part in keeping my community safe. My only condition is for you to send me a courtesy email or text message first and to not give out my name or contact information without first clearing it by me. Just as I will not tell other people we have met without your permission, I ask the same from you.

One of the blessings of Europe is how easy it is to travel between countries and cities. While I am based in Berlin, I am happy to travel to most major European cities for bookings of minimum 4 hour duration (minimum duration varies on location). It goes without saying, but this arrangement must be booked in advance. Whether you live in Europe or are here for travel, this is yet another way you can access me in the world. I highly recommend booking a virtual Session Consultation if this is something that is of interest to you.

Yes, happily so! Just specify when booking you are a couple. Both of you must screen and consent to the encounter. I do not see couples where one party is kept in the dark.

My preference is only to do duos with a few select friends I have established and proven chemistry with. If you are interested in setting something up with one of my lady friends, reach out and enquire.

If I am home and you see any outfits you like in my Gallery, you are welcome to request them for our date and I’ll do my best to accommodate any requests. If you would like me to wear something I do not own, you are also welcome to purchase it and bring it to our date. You can find my measurements on my Wishlist. If I am touring, my wardrobe is limited and I ask you to request something simple and only if you are booking in advance.

The only website I allow client feedback on is PrivateDelights. Otherwise, I am a strong opponent of misogynistic review boards/forums and do not see clients who self-identify as “hobbyists”. I want no mention of my private encounters on review boards and do not see clients who partake in review board culture. If you are the kind of client who requires reviews before meeting a lady, kindly move on and find someone who is a better match for you.

I do not offer a “menu” as I am a human being, not a restaurant. If you are looking for a laundry-list of acronyms, I am not the companion for you. Perhaps try going to McDonald’s.

My restrictions are you asking me this question. Exact same as above, I will not be asked any variation of this menu/service/restriction question. We are not a match, kindly move on.


Touring incurs heavy expenses, often in the thousands. I only tour to cities where there is legitimate interest. You are free to sway my interest through enquiring about booking a date of minimum 4 hour duration (subject to my local touring rates). Alternatively, you can guarantee my presence by booking a Travel Date

If you are American, please remember my work is heavily criminalized in your country and your government frequently bans us from entering your country. 

Instead of asking me to tour, I highly recommend you make the trip to Canada instead (it is also far, far more economical for you).

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