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For privacy and safety, I do not disclose my travel dates publicly. If you’d like to be added to my email newsletter and alerted to my future travel plans, please pre-screen in full and briefly introduce yourself.

Found me online only to be sorely disappointed when you realized we live in different parts of the world?

Never fear, our rendezvous can still come to fruition! There is absolutely no reason why distance should be a barrier to us meeting.

If you found my website listed on your city’s page, it means I sporadically venture into your area. My travel dates, however, are never posted publicly. Get in touch and briefly introduce yourself to be added to my mailing list.

Do note though, I only tour sporadically as my school schedule does not allow me to travel too often. Really, rather than sit there twiddling your thumbs and waiting impatiently for the day I visit your city (tip: I probably won’t), I encourage you to give consideration to a Fly Me To You (FMTY) date. Alternatively, you could come pay me a visit in Toronto. 🙂

Curious for more information? Read my Travel FAQ.

USA Touring Rates

1 Hour – $700 (USD)
1.5 Hour – $1000
2 Hour – $1200
3 Hour – $1800
**4 Hour – $2000
6 Hour – $3000
16 Hour – $5000
24 Hour – $6000
36 Hour – $8000
48 Hour – $9000

In-Date Extension: $600/Hr

**Booking 4 hours or more grants you access to my Members Only

Rates listed in USD. 25% deposit must be paid to confirm booking.
Bitcoin accepted as an alternative method of payment.
Dates over 4 hours require social time.

FMTY Rates

8 Hour – $3000 (CAD)
16 Hour – $4000
24 Hour – $5000
36 Hour – $7000
2 Days – $8,000
3 Days – $10,000
4 Days – $12,000
5 Days – $15,000
1 Week – $20,000

+ Extra Days – $3000/Day

Rates listed in CAD.
8 hr dates only available to destinations under 2 hours away.
Airfare, accommodation and meals not included.
Each night must include 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 30% deposit + flights/hotels must be paid to confirm booking.
What’s wrong with touring?

Clients often underestimate how expensive and strenuous touring can really be on providers. The overhead costs (flights, hotels, and advertising just to name a few) are often in the thousands. When we are trying to gain back the initial overhead investment and simultaneously make profit, you end up with a very stressed out provider on your hands. We frequently struggle just to break even and oftentimes lose money during a tour.

Can you let me know when you come to my city?

Asking any provider to come to you out of their own pocket only to make it convenient for you to book is short-sighted and selfish. Touring is ridiculously expensive. Let’s also not forget the amount of clients who hound providers to visit their city, and when she actually ends up doing it … poof! These guys are nowhere to be found! Instead of annoying providers with this question, you have 3 better options: 1) Book a FMTY 2) Visit her at her home 3) Find a provider closer to you. Stop asking providers to go out their way just for your convenience – be a good client and make it convenient for her.

Why is a Fly Me To You better?

My touring rates are always higher than my local rates to account for the costs I incur during tours (particularly USA rates). During a FMTY, I incur no overhead costs which means 1) cheaper rates for you and 2) zero stress for me! It is seriously my dream kind of booking. This also allows me to focus all my energy on you and you alone, which makes for an even better overall time.

I don’t like the idea of a FMTY/would rather book a shorter date. What other options are there?

You could always make a trip out of it and come visit me in Toronto! I would love to be your tour guide. Plus: Toronto is a beautiful city worth visiting for more than just me. 

Are deposits refundable?

Your 30% deposit is only transferable to a future date if you rebook with at least one week’s notice. Any cancellations or rebookings under that time frame means forfeiting your deposit and will require you to pay again to rebook. Please note travel costs are not refundable and refunds for hotel costs are entirely dependent on the hotel’s individual cancellation policy.

However, if for whatever reason I have to cancel the trip for reasons of my doing, I will refund you in full including all costs incurred, along with a bonus 25% time credit to include in any rebooked date (ie: a cancelled 12 hour date would credit you for 3 free hours).

Alright, you’ve convinced me. How can I arrange a FMTY booking?

Fill out my Booking Form like any other booking and specify your desired date(s) of travel along with the destination. We can sort out the fine details after that first step is done.

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