Since this tends to be one of the most common questions I’m asked by prospective clients (and seems to be the most common search enquiry on this site), I wanted to dedicate an entire page to this.

I have a very strict No Review Policy.

Under zero circumstance do I want any reviews or comments to be made about me online. I am very strict at enforcing this and highly warn anyone against trying to go against my wishes. I do not kiss and tell and ask all my suitors to do the same.

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Why don’t you allow reviews?

The cons of reviews heavily outweigh the pros. Many reviewers, unfortunately, often use the threat of writing a bad review to manipulate and intimidate providers. On top of that, reviews are frequently inaccurate to what actually goes on in a session. More often than not, they are heavily embellished by the writer; some of my best reviews in the past were less about me than the person writing them. I make it no secret I frown upon anyone who calls himself a “hobbyist” and prefer to share my time with gentlemen who do not label themselves as so (with very few exceptions).

I just want to know your menu / restrictions!

If you’re looking for a checkbox list of acronyms to tick off, I’m not your girl. I am not a restaurant with a menu, I am a human being. I aim to provide an experience and that experience varies from one individual to another. Each person I meet is unique and I tailor my dates based on the unique connection I share with each individual. 

Then how will I know you’re a good provider?

I try to emphasize over and over that I am not a mechanical service provider who treats everyone the same. Just like everyone we meet in life, some people are just better matches than others. I enjoy a good match as much as anyone, believe me, it makes my life a lot easier. I am very picky selecting my suitors-to-be because I want to make sure we’re a good match and want you to enjoy your time with me. I try my hardest to minimize the uncertainty through heavy screening, having a detail-heavy website, and getting to know you during the booking process. I encourage you to do the same and do as much research on me, through this website and my Twitter, to get a feel for the person I am and my personality so you can determine yourself if you believe we will be a good match.

What if I have a bad experience with you?

While this has yet to happen, if you find yourself unsatisfied with any of our encounters, I ask you to reach out to me directly to resolve it in a mature fashion. Often, if I get even a hunch you are unhappy with me, I will be likely to reach out to you first before you do to me. My priority is making you happy and I will do anything in power to resolve any issues that might come up.

How can I verify you’re real?

I’ve poured so much money and time into my brand it should be pretty obvious to anyone with eyes and half a brain I’m a real person. I update my Twitter very frequently and even post selfies which should help put any of these concerns to ease.

Providers who don’t allow reviews have something to hide! I’m never seeing you!

Fantastic, just saved us both some time, don’t you agree?

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