My name is Stefania, an independent companion based out of Toronto, Canada.

I am 26 years old, 5’6″ and my measurements are 32C – 22 – 34. The rest you can see for yourself through my pictures. 

The very first thing you should do is check me out on Twitter. If you don’t like my sense of humour, we will never get along in person!

Instead of a boring old write up about how wonderful and sensual I’m probably not, let me tell you a story about me instead.

When I first started in this industry, I was convinced I had to be this token fantasy girl. I had wealthy clients take me to fancy restaurants and expensive, lavish trips. I had to dress to the nines in clothes I hated and wear uncomfortable shoes. 

Confession: I hated (mostly) every second of it.

I do not mean I dislike those activities in general, I just dislike them with the wrong people and prefer to share those kind of intimate experiences with people I don’t have to fake liking.

Full transparency (and I seriously hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot confessing this): I’m not really a good actress. If I don’t like someone, the emotional energy it takes to be in their presence is like dying a slow death. 

Because of these experiences, I have learned to be very selective on who I see.  Some people can truly never pay me enough to make it worthwhile tolerating being in their company for even a second.

If you want to take your chances at meeting me, you should know I have a very high rejection rate as I am on the prowl for a very specific type of person. My ideal client is one that seeks to connect with me on a real human basis, not expecting me to put on a fake disguise of “perfection” that is the opposite of who I really am. I want you to get to know the real, unfiltered version of me that can sometimes be clumsy and trip over her own shoes, swear too much for her own good, and miss non-verbal cues to STFU when she gets into a endless tangent about God knows what. Does this sound like someone you want to meet? We might just be a perfect match.

I take pride in being a person you will never have to wonder, “Is she being genuine or faking it?” I will never again pretend to like someone I secretly want to strangle. If you are fortunate enough to make it into my list of favourite suitors, you can rest assured my appreciation for you is as real as it gets. 

If I choose to meet you, you should feel pretty special! It means I saw something specially attractive in you. This isn’t even an exaggeration – I turn down nearly every single person who requests a date with me, with few exceptions. Life is too short to spend my very limited time and energy with the average loser. 

More random trivia about me: I am currently finishing my undergrad as I slave away trying to get into grad school. I hope to eventually go as far as my PhD – I have buckled up and am ready for the long ride ahead of me. As much as school hurts me and drains my life and soul at times, it is also something I am super passionate about. If you meet me, expect a mini whine about how much school work I have to do and a equally as mini excited rant about how much I love what I’m studying. 

Is that enough about me? I sure hope so. You’re a true champ if you made it to the very end of this ramble. If you want to learn more, you’ll have to come meet me in person. I must warn you though, I talk a lot. Like, seriously a LOT. I don’t want to ever hear “damn, I’ve never met anyone who talks as fast as you!” as if you were never warned!!

If this still hasn’t scared you off, then perhaps it is time to consider taking it a step further and making an actual date out of it. I’ll be waiting!

xoxo  Stefania

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