I will be touring across Canada for the month of August. For a list of cities and dates I will be visiting, please take a look at my Tours Page. Hope to meet you soon!

My name is Stefania, an independent companion based out of Toronto, Canada.

I am 27 years old, 5’5″ and my measurements are 32C – 22 – 34. Although I have worked the entirety of my career in Canada, I will be relocating to Berlin, Germany whenever this pandemic allows me to, so your time with me in Canada is ticking.

Rather than describing how smooth my skin is or how beautiful I need to convince you I am, I trust you have eyes of your own and will leave the judgement of my physical beauty up to you. Let me tell you a story about me instead.

When I first joined this industry, I was convinced I had to be this fantasy token girl who dressed to the nines in fancy clothes and wore uncomfortable shoes. “Don’t be yourself, be what other people expect you to be.” While it certainly netted me fancy clients who took me on fancy dinners and equally as fancy excursions, I didn’t stop to consider some of these people were outright unpleasant.

First off, do you have any clue how horrible it is to sit there, enduring conversation and pretending to like someone you have absolutely nothing in common with? Often for hours on end? I wanted to shoot myself! I finally had my tipping moment when I decided I no longer cared if it wasn’t the “right way”, all I wanted to do was stop the pretentious nature of everything I was doing and simply be myself!

Full transparency: I am a terrible actress (is that a bad thing to admit?!). Because of my early experiences, I have learned to be ruthless in my search for relationships we both enjoy. I take an extreme amount of pride in being a person you will never have to wonder, “Is she being genuine or faking it?” I have built a reputation in this industry for being a person of sky-high standards. If I choose to meet you, you should feel pretty special! It means I saw something especially attractive in you. I have a high rejection threshold and reject over 95% of people who try and meet me.

I must warn you: If you want me to consider you for even a split second, the onus to prove you are a serious and real suitor is entirely on you. It is imperative for all my suitors to understand the risks and anxieties involved in this work, and if you’d like to have a positive experience with me, I ask you to prioritize my safety and comfort. I challenge you to step up to the plate and convince me why you are someone worth meeting. Do you need a hand? My Guide to Booking an Escort and Escort Session Etiquette will tell you everything you need to know about how to be good suitor.

As a person, I am extremely ambitious and goal-oriented. I am not a person who coasts about without purpose. Making goals and smashing them, whether academically or financially, is what brings purpose to my life. I derive great joy out of climbing the ladder of success and moving forward in life. When I am not enjoying your delightful company, I am a dedicated full-time university student. Right now, my biggest life aspiration is to get my PhD and eventually work in the field of … well, you’ll have to meet me to know more! Being academically successful and earning a PhD degree is not an “if”, it is a “when”; there is nothing else in my life I’ve wanted as badly as this.

As such, companionship is a part-time delicacy for me that fills the rest of the gaps in my busy life. You can think of me as the cute super-achiever girl on campus living a secret double life, one you’d never suspect to be involved in any kind of illicit activities. The idea of being privy to a side of me the rest of the world remains in the shadows of is exciting on its own. If you ever get the opportunity to meet me, you can expect an excited chatter about how much I love what I am studying and where I hope my life will take me.

If you made it to the end of this long ramble, I invite you to take your time exploring the rest of my website. I have a wide breadth of content available for you to enjoy. My guides alone are worth reading if you are ever-so-curious about the intricacies involved in this business. And, after you are done, how about taking it a step further and making an actual date out of it? I will never say no to a fine glass of red wine and, luckily for you, know some of the best wine bars Toronto has to offer! I hope to meet you soon!

xoxo Stefania

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