Thank you for your interest in booking with me!

First time friends, please read through the instructions on this page before submitting your booking request.
Repeat friends, skip the form and contact me directly.
Purchasing Virtual Services? This form is for in-person dates only, please email me for virtual dates!
Before contacting me, I highly recommend reading my Newbie’s Guide to Booking an Escort to avoid comitting any faux-pas. Please only book with me when serious and ready to commit to a day and time.
Twitter: @StefaniaVillaTO
Instagram: @stefania_toronto
I do not discriminate and see clients of all genders, races, backgrounds, ability status and ages over 18. If you require any special accommodations, please let me know when booking so I can do my best to make arrangements for you.
If we’ve met before and you’d like to use me as a reference, please let me know first as I will deny ever meeting you to reference requests you’ve not cleared to protect your privacy.


Currently available in Toronto.

For my Standard Rates, please book with more than 48 hours notice and between the hours of 10am to 10pm. Last-minute dates and/or dates outside 10am-10pm are subject to my Premium Rates.

** My Edmonton, Montreal & Ottawa Tours have been postponed pending COVID-19 second wave.

Screening Instructions

To pass my screening, please choose ONE of the following options (for couples, both people must screen):

1 – Employment Verification

Send one of the following:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Online company directory page
  • Picture of business card

2 – Government Issued ID

I require two separate pictures. First picture: your government-issued ID next to a handwritten piece of paper with my name and today’s date. Second picture: A frontal picture of you holding the ID and same handwritten piece of paper next to your face. See Reference Image. Do not wear any hats or eyeglasses in your picture. For driver’s licenses, you are allowed to black out your address except the city and province/state.

3 – Post-secondary student ID

Send both of the following:

  • Picture of your post-secondary student ID
  • Your official student email

4 – Two reputable provider references & verifiable online presence

Please provide as much of the following:

  • Two references from reputable independent providers you have visited in the past 12 months (mandatory)
  • Your active review board ID(s) of minimum 6 month membership
  • An invitation to view your P411 profile
  • Active Twitter username

Using references does not allow you to bypass giving your real information as I have a multitude of ways to verify your identity. Please also only choose this option if you are booking a minimum of 48 hours in advance as it takes longer than the other 3 options to complete. At my discretion, I may ask you to screen with options 1, 2, or 3 instead.

Regarding Provider References:

Although not mandatory, I highly encourage you to include provider references no matter your screening method as they will help you make a stronger booking request. I only accept references from reputable independent providers you have met in the past 12 months. Please check with your references first before providing their names!

My screening is non-negotiable and I do not make exceptions for anyone. I ask you to consider the vulnerability I feel as a young woman meeting an unknown person in a risky and vulnerable setting. Please help to make me feel comfortable to meet you. For any questions or concerns about screening, see my Screening FAQ.

For your privacy and comfort in that I maintain your confidentiality, all of your personal information will be destroyed after screening is complete. Storing your information is not my end goal.

Booking Form
When you are ready to book an appointment with me, please complete the following form in full. Alternatively, you can email me with the information asked for in this form. For your privacy, all information is sent to my secure encrypted ProtonMail address and destroyed after screening is complete. Incomplete forms will be ignored and not responded to.

New Client Information

A copy of this form will be sent to this email address.
For screening purposes, I do not accept texting apps or burner numbers. You are allowed to correspond through a texting app after screening.
Please help me get to know you! What is your occupation and interests? What are you looking to get out of our encounter and what about me grabbed your interest? Do you require any special accommodations? Now's the time to pour your heart out.

Date Information

Please book with minimum 48 hours notice and between the hours of 10am to 10pm. Dates booked outside these conditions are subject to a Premium upcharge.
Due to COVID-19, I am only available for dates of minimum 2 hours in duration.
At the moment, due to COVID-19, I am only meeting clients in Toronto/GTA.
I can host you at my private location (Incall) or meet you at your high-end hotel or private residence (Outcall).


** Please only pick option 4 if you are booking at least 48 hours in advance as it takes longer than the other options to complete. At my discretion, I may ask you to screen with options 1, 2, or 3 instead.

Almost done!

If your booking request is accepted, you must pay a non-refundable 25% deposit within 24 hours. Please do not book appointments you are not ready to commit to. Deposits are transferable to rebooked dates when given more than 24 hours notice (with exceptions at my discretion). Deposits are only refundable in the unlikely chance I must cancel or rebook a date for reasons of my own doing. I kindly ask you to respect the time I set aside to plan for our dates and I will give you the same regard.
For your privacy and comfort in that I maintain your confidentiality, I will be destroying this form and all your personal information after screening. Storing your information is not my end goal.
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