Thank you for your interest in booking with me!

First time friends, please read through the instructions on this page in full before submitting a booking request.
Repeat friends, skip the form and contact me directly.
Before contacting me, please make sure to read my Newbie’s Guide to Booking an Escort to avoid making any faux paus.
Twitter: @StefaniaVillaTO
Instagram: @stefania_toronto
Please use the form provided and do not email your booking requests.



Touring Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. For my full touring schedule, see my Tours page.



Screening Instructions

Choose ONE of the following options:

1 – Employment Verification

I accept: LinkedIn, online company directory page, or picture of business card. Please send business card directly to I must be able to cross-verify the information.

2 – Government Issued ID

I require two separate pictures. First picture: your government-issued ID next to a handwritten piece of paper with my name and today’s date. Second picture: A frontal picture of you holding the ID and same handwritten piece of paper next to your face. See Reference Image. Please send pictures directly to

** Regarding Provider References:

I accept references as supplements to screening but not as a standalone screening method. I nevertheless encourage them as they will help you make a stronger booking request. I only accept references from reputable independent providers you have met in the past 12 months. Make sure to check with your references first before providing their names!

If requested, I will delete all of your private information from my devices after screening is complete.

My screening is non-negotiable and I do not make exceptions for anyone.

I reserve every right to ask for supplementary information at my discretion. My safety is my paramount concern.

Questions? See my Screening FAQ.

Booking Form
When you are ready to book an actual appointment with me, please complete the following form in full to submit a booking request. Please do your best to read and follow all my instructions as incomplete forms will be ignored. For your privacy, all information is sent directly to my secure encrypted ProtonMail address and not stored anywhere else. If requested, after screening is complete, all of your personal information will be deleted from my devices.
A copy of this form will be sent to this address.
I do not accept texting apps.
This field is not optional, please only book when you are ready to commit to a day!
Mandatory minimum for new clients in Toronto is 1.5 Hour. Recommended minimum is 3 to 5 Hour. In-session extension is $500 per hour.
I am happy to host at my upscale downtown incall or meet at your high-end hotel/private residence.
Please follow my Screening Instructions as specified at the top of this page. Booking requests with missing screening information will be ignored.
CONDITIONS: Must be someone you have met in the past 12 months.
CONDITIONS: Must be someone you have met in the past 12 months.
First impressions are crucial and I'd love to get to know you! Please tell me about yourself. What is your occupation and interests? What are you looking to get out of our encounter and what about me grabbed your interest? Now's the time to pour your heart out.
I require a $200 or 25% deposit (whichever is largest) to confirm all bookings. It must be paid within 24 hours of your booking request being accepted. Deposits are only transferable to rebooked dates when given more than 24 hours notice (with some exceptions). Deposits are only refundable in the unlikely chance I must cancel or rebook a date for reasons of my own doing. Please respect the time I set aside to plan for our dates and I will give you the same regard.
Your privacy and comfort in that I maintain your confidentiality is exceedingly important to me. Storing your information is of little concern for me. My only goal with screening is to make sure you are who say you are. After screening is complete and I have verified who you are, I have little issue with wiping all traces of your identity from my devices. If you would like me to delete all your personal information after screening, please tick this box.
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