Thank you for your interest in booking with me!

Before reaching out, take some time reading my FAQ and Newbie’s Guide to Booking an Escort for guidance on how I want to be approached and to familiarize yourself with my business policies. Your initial introduction is the most important and I can and will turn down your enquiry if you do not approach me in the correct way.

I do not discriminate and see clients of all genders, races, backgrounds, ability status and ages over 18. If you require any accommodations, please let me know when booking so I can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Please only contact when serious and ready to commit to a day and time. 

I do not have a public email as I do not like being contacted outside my booking form. If you have questions or want to chat prior to booking, you must purchase a Virtual Consultation Session.


Screening Instructions

To screen successfully, please choose ONE of the following options:
Send one of the following:
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Verifiable employment email
  • Online company directory page
  • Picture of business card
I require two pictures.

First Picture: your government-issued ID next to a handwritten piece of paper with my name and today’s date.

Second Picture: A frontal picture of you holding the ID and same handwritten piece of paper next to your face. See Reference Image. Do not wear a hat or eyeglasses in your picture.

Send the following:
  • Post-secondary student email (mandatory)
  • Picture of post-secondary student ID (optional)

Although not mandatory, I encourage provider references to help you make a stronger request. I only accept references from independent providers you have met in the past 12 months. Please check with your references first. I do not accept provider references in lieu of full screening.  They are only meant to be a supplement to your booking request.

My screening is non-negotiable and I do not make exceptions for anyone. I ask you to consider the vulnerability I feel as a young woman meeting an unknown person in a risky and vulnerable setting. My safety is my paramount concern. For any questions or concerns about screening, see my Screening FAQ.


Booking Form

New Client Information

Your Name(Required)
Pour your heart out to me! What about you caught my interest and what are you looking to get out of our encounter?

Screening Information

As outlined in the instructions above this form, include your relevant screening information here. If uploading images (i.e: government-issued ID or picture of business card), do so in the field below and specify you are doing so here. Forms with incomplete and/or falsified information will be discarded and not given a response.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, heic, Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 3.
    Please include their name, website and/or relevant contact information. Please be courteous and check with your references first before leaving their contact information.

    Date Information

    Incall or Outcall?(Required)
    Am I hosting (Incall) or are you (Outcall)? Select both if no preference.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Unless pre-screening for a tour, this field is mandatory! For better chances at success, please try giving at least 48 hours notice.
    Desired Time(Required)
    Please use 24 hour format.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Second Choice Time
    Please use 24 hour format.
    A non-refundable deposit is mandatory at all times to secure a booking. See my 'FAQ' (under Etiquette) for my full deposit and cancellation policies.
    Screening Policies(Required)
    Full screening is MANDATORY to receive a response. If I request additional information, you must send it promptly without ANY delay. If your screening is not included in this form exactly ask I request in my screening instructions, your request will be sent to the trash bin. If you have a problem with my screening rules, then exit out of this page now and save us both the time as I do not make exceptions for anyone.
    Deposit & FAQ Policy(Required)
    By filling out this form, you are agreeing you have consulted my FAQs and understand all my business policies. You are committed to this booking and if I accept your request, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of minimum 30% immediately upon request. DELAYS IN SENDING DEPOSITS WILL RESULT IN YOUR BOOKING REJECTED. Kindly respect my time and business and do not book appointments you are not ready to commit to.
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    Toronto, ON
    Berlin, Germany
    Paris, France
    Berlin, Germany
    Amsterdam, NL
    Berlin, Germany

    Please book all appointments with at least 2 days notice and between 10am-10pm. Bookings outside these conditions are subject to an up-charge.

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