Fly Me To You - Domestic and International Travel

Found me online only to be sorely disappointed when you realized we live in different parts of the world?

Never fear, our rendezvous can still come to fruition! There is absolutely no reason why distance should be a barrier to us meeting. 

I’m not a provider who particularly enjoys touring and only do it very sporadically. Really, rather than sit there twiddling your thumbs and hoping I one day visit your city (tip: I probably won’t), I encourage you to give consideration to a Fly Me To You date.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a FAQ with lots of information as to why I love these dates and why they can be mutually beneficial for both me and you! Win/win for everyone involved!

On top of it all, I also love exploring new cities and having you as my tour guide in your home would be nothing short than a dream date. I’m already squealing inside just thinking about it!

So what do you say? Why not consider bringing this homely Torontonian girl on a trip? 🙂 I hope I am able to convince you!


**6 Hours – $1500
8 Hours – $2000
15 Hours – $3000
24 Hours – $4500
2 Days – $6500
3 Days – $9000
4 Days – $12,000
5 Days – $15,000
1 Week – $20,000

+ Extra Days – $3000/Day

Rates listed in CAD.
Airfare, accommodation and meals not included.
Each night must include 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
25% deposit + flights/hotels must be paid to confirm booking.

**6 hour FMTY is only available in select destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not touring?

Clients often underestimate how expensive and strenuous touring can really be. The overhead costs (flights, hotels, and advertising just to name a few) can be outrageous, especially in some of the bigger cities. Before we even get to a location, we have to put down a HUGE chunk of money, often in the thousands. On top of it all, every new city we travel to means breaking into a new market. This is always difficult to do as building a reliable clientele base in any location takes time, and touring almost always means relying on first-time clients without regulars. To top it off, most first-time clients often only book single-hour appointments so you often end up with a schedule filled with single-hour bookings (NOT what I enjoy!).

This is very unreliable income, and when a provider is trying to gain back the initial overhead investment and simultaneously make profit, you end up with a very stressed out provider on your hands. Providers frequently struggle just to break even and oftentimes lose money during a tour.

When and where do you tour? Can you come to my city?

Please stop asking me to plan a tour to your city. Because of the financial reasons mentioned above, I will never tour just for the sake of touring. If I ever decide the tour, the locations are chosen for personal reasons you have zero influence over as a client.

The only times I will ever tour is when I’ve already got a trip planned somewhere for reasons outside work. Example: I toured in Vancouver for 3 weeks because I was already going to be in the city for vacationing reasons. Whether I made money or not didn’t matter to me because working was not my main intention to go to visit Vancouver. Any bookings received during my time there were just bonuses to me.

How is a FMTY better than seeing you during a tour?

Aha! This is where it gets interesting. The rates you find listed on my rates page are my local Toronto rates, not my touring rates. Whenever I tour to a new location, I base my rates on the local market. For example, in big American cities like NYC and Chicago, you can expect my touring rates to be anywhere between $500 and $700 USD per hour. During a tour, a four-hour date in NYC will cost you $2000 USD+.

However, if you book me for a FMTY, you will be paying my Canadian rates. American clients, this is huge for you – don’t forget the dollar exchange rate is in your favour! In a FMTY, that same $2000 USD (~$2600 CAD) can get you an 8 hour date with me ($2000 CAD) in your city and have enough money remaining to also cover the cost of my flights.

It is a no-brainer, really.

How is this mutually beneficial?

As mentioned above, the financial savings for you can be very substantial. For me, a FMTY means I have none of the pesky overhead costs mentioned earlier and am not stressed out trying to fill up my calendar with multiple bookings. A FMTY means I have one extended guaranteed booking with you with ZERO overhead which makes this the dream kind of booking for me. Did I also mention extended bookings (8hrs+) are my absolute favourite? *squeal*

This all sounds dandy, but I still don’t like the idea of a FMTY/would rather book a shorter date. What other options are there?

You could always make a trip out of it and come visit me in Toronto!  Book your own flights and come to me instead. I would love to be your tour guide. Plus: Toronto is a beautiful city worth visiting for more than just me. 😘 

Alright, you’ve convinced me. How can I arrange a FMTY booking?

Fill out my Booking Form like any other booking and specify your desired date(s) of travel along with the destination. We can sort out the fine details after that first step is done.

How much notice do you need?

I give priority to travel and extended bookings above all else, so I am pretty flexible for time, but I do ask for minimum a week’s notice. For a better guarantee of your preferred dates, please aim for minimum 4 weeks notice. Remember that flights and travel expenses cost more closer to the date.

Why do you need a deposit?

A deposit is a guarantee for me that you are serious about the booking. Believe it or not, there are a lot of losers out there who fake-book escorts to waste their time. Deposits give me the peace of mind that you are not one of these people.

How do I send a deposit?

For domestic clients, I accept Interac eTransfer, Bitcoin or wire transfer for larger amounts. For international clients, I accept Bitcoin or wire transfers. I can provide instructions for either.

Are deposits refundable?

Planning and preparation for a FMTY start long before the actual date itself. For this reason, the 25% deposit is only refundable or transferable if you cancel or rebook with at least a week’s notice. Between 7 days and 48 hours notice, the deposit is only transferable. Any cancellations or rebookings under 48 hours notice means forfeiting your deposit and will require you to pay it in full again to rebook.

Please note travel costs are not refundable and refunds/rebookings for hotel costs are entirely dependent on the hotel’s individual cancellation policy.

However, if for whatever reason I have to cancel the trip for reasons of my doing, I will refund you in full including all costs incurred, along with a bonus 25% time credit to include in any rebooked date (ie: a cancelled 12 hour date would credit you for 3 free hours).

Do I need to book your flight for you?

No, I will book the flight myself. When we decide on a day and duration, I will quote you the total for a round-trip flight and send you a link to buy a gift-card at my airline/website of choice. I will use that gift card to book my flight.

I want to meet you, but I am scared of committing to a long date! What if we don’t get along?

Believe me, I want us to be a good match as much as you do. This is why I am very selective on the suitors I choose to spend time with, as I want both of us to have a good time. To minimize the uncertainty, I use my well-refined intuition to feel out for compatibility through my stringent screening process. I also invite you to do your own research; take a thorough read through my website and scroll through my Twitter feed to get a sense of my personality and the kind of person I am, so you can decide for yourself whether you think we will be a good match or not. Most importantly, trust your gut feeling. It’ll never let you down.

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