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Montreal – August 5th to 8th

Ottawa – August 8th to 11th

Winnipeg – August 11th to 14th

Calgary – August 14th to 17th

Edmonton – August 17th to 20th

Vancouver – August 20th to 24th

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I am always open to adding new cities to my travel itinerary if the right interest is there. If you’d like me to sway me to visit your city, feel free to email me! Curious for more information? Read my Travel FAQ.

How do I pre-screen to be added to your touring newsletter?

All you need to do is fill out my standard booking form as instructed. Make sure to specify which city you are prescreening for!

Can you let me know when you come to my city?

As much as I would love to meet all my clients around the world, touring can be very expensive and inconvenient! It is quite unfortunate that many clients who ask this question are not serious, so if I actually ended up going where people asked me to, you can bet majority of these people would be nowhere to be found! Instead of asking this question, maybe I suggest three better alternatives? 1) Book a FMTY and bring me to you 2) Visit me at home or 3) Offer to sponsor a tour.

What is sponsoring a tour?

It is when you book a date of an extended length (think anything over 4 hours) so I have an incentive of a pre-booking to go to your location. This is a good choice for clients who, for whatever reason, are not available to host a FMTY. When you sponsor a tour, I use your booking as the anchor to build a tour around.

Why do you like FMTYs over touring?

My touring rates are always set to match local rates to account for the costs I incur during tours. During a FMTY, I charge my home-rates in CAD as I incur none of the overhead, transferring all my savings to you. Depending on where you are located, this can also mean massive savings for you when you take the dollar conversion into consideration.

I don’t like the idea of a FMTY/would rather book a shorter date. What other options are there?

As mentioned above, you could sponsor a tour or make a trip out of it and come visit me in Toronto! I would love to be your tour guide. Plus: Toronto is a beautiful city worth visiting for more than just me. 

Are deposits refundable?

Your 30% deposit is only transferable to a future date if you rebook with at least one week’s notice. Any cancellations or rebookings under that time frame means forfeiting your deposit and will require you to pay again to rebook. Please note travel costs are not refundable and refunds for hotel costs are entirely dependent on the hotel’s individual cancellation policy.

However, if for whatever reason I have to cancel the trip for reasons of my doing, I will refund you in full including all costs incurred, along with a bonus 25% time credit to include in any rebooked date (ie: a cancelled 12 hour date would credit you for 3 free hours).

Alright, you’ve convinced me. How can I arrange a FMTY booking?

Fill out my Booking Form like any other booking and specify your desired date(s) of travel along with the destination! We can sort out the fine details after that first step is done. Yay!

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