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I frequently travel and work between multiple cities across Canada and the rest of the world. Keep an eye on this page and my Twitter for updates on any upcoming travel dates.

Upcoming Tours

Edmonton: Postponed – New Dates TBD

Montreal: Postponed – New Dates TBD

Ottawa: Postponed – New Dates TBD

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I am always open to adding new cities to my travel itinerary if the right interest is there. If you’d like me to sway me to visit your city, fill out the following Touring Interest Form to show me there is interest in your city! Please be prepared for further screening if/when I decide to tour to your location.

(Providing a reference is optional but helps me to see you’re safe and serious!)

Touring Interest Form
OPTIONAL: Please provide the name and website/email/Twitter of a companion you have met in the past 12 months.
TIP: Longer dates give me more incentive to tour to your location.
Help me get to know you and tell me a little bit about yourself! What about me grabbed your interest and why do you want me to visit your city? Pour your heart out to me!
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