So You Booked The Date...

Congratulations! You got through screening okay and now you have an appointment booked to see an escort! Woot!

The following advice is mostly individual to me and what I prefer people to behave like in my sessions, but feel free to take what you can from it!

First, the most important thing: give her the payment at the start. It is very awkward to have to interrupt the middle of the booking to ask for payment, so make sure you take care of this right away. It is normally in good taste to have the cash ready in an envelope, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you’re in a public place, give it to her discreetly hidden in a card or gift bag.

Take a shower. Most escorts provide clean towels and body soap for you to wash up. It doesn’t matter if you just showered 5 minutes beforehand, an escort has no way of confirming this. To make her feel comfortable, clean up without a fight right at the start of the session is best. Please do not put your undergarments back on after showering, this kills the point of the shower. Leave the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around you.

For both safety and conveniennce, leave all your belongings in the bathroom. This includes your cellphone, keys, wallet, watches, and any other personals. This way, you are not left scrambling for them at the end of the session and I feel more comfortable in your presence.

Don’t ask me if I have a menu. The truth of the matter is, if I don’t like you and don’t feel comfortable in your presence, you are not going to be ‘unlocking’ anything special with me. I aim to provide an experience and that experience varies from one individual to another. My experience with one person will not translate to the same with another (which is a main reason you should be wary of reviews … but that’s for another time). If you’re nice to me, you’re most likely to get the best end of the stick. So just treat me respectfully, have impeccable hygiene, behave well and the answer to this question will not be of any concern.

Make use of all the toiletries provided. If there is mouthwash and handsoap for you to use, use it. I can’t speak for other escorts, but if your breath smells or I feel you aren’t clean enough, I can and will send you back to the bathroom. This is very embarrassing to have to do, please don’t put me in this situation. 

Listen and respect her boundaries. If she tells you she is not comfortable with you touching her one way, for the love of God, listen to her. NO is a full-sentence. Disrespect of boundaries is a quick and easy way to find yourself industry-wide blacklisted.

Allow things to flow naturally. Again, this is my personal preference and can’t speak for all escorts, but nothing ruins a session quicker for me than the client who comes with a mental list of acts he wants to do. Asking me things like “if I finish early, can I get a second shot?” are the biggest turn-offs and a quick way to make me dislike you. Don’t come in demanding services, earn yourself a good time instead. 

If you are hosting an outcall, make sure the place is clean. It is rude to have a guest over in a dirty environment, so make sure the place is at least some level of clean. Offer her some private time in the bathroom to freshen up, it’s very much appreciated!

As natural as it is to be curious, please please never ask about other clients. These kind of questions are often made in poor taste and can be very inappropriate. Asking things like “What is the weirdest thing you’ve had to do?” or Who’s the worst client you’ve ever had?” carry certain assumptions about being an escort and a client, mostly negative ones which are false. Especially never ask me morbid curious things like how many clients I see a day. Not only it is none of your business, but these kind of questions are highly disrespectful.

And the final piece of etiquette advice I have… please respect her time. If you booked for a half-hour, don’t expect to stay for an hour. If you booked for 3pm, don’t show up at 3:20pm.  I understand sometimes shit does happen, but please always do your best to be on time and I will do the same for you.

A good provider will be aware of the time without being a “clockwatcher”, so when she warns you time is coming to an end, you can either 1) ask to extend the session if you want more time or 2) start wrapping  up to go.

The most important thing however, is to relax and have fun! This is your time to enjoy, so kick back and have a good time. I hope we are able to meet over and over again!

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