Exclusive Arrangements

Can’t seem to get enough of me? Wondering how to blur the lines between business and pleasure? A monthly arrangement might be perfect for you.

Reserved for the exclusive suitor, this arrangement is not available to everyone. Once we have established a certain level of chemistry and connection between the two of us, you unlock access to this amazing package.

You will quickly jump to the top of my priority list and all other interaction with other suitors will be put on indefinite hold. I will be yours and yours alone, and my schedule will be prioritized around you and we will be able to build a lasting relationship without the usual boundaries present in a client-provider relationship.

Semi-Exclusive:  $15,000 / month

Keep Me To Yourself: $30,000 / month

** Increased flexibility in off-the-clock interaction
** Top priority over every other suitor
** Minimum 3 month commitment needed

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